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You are in charge or involved in a community project, in terms of innovation, technology, marketing, communication or project management.

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What is important in project management

  • Manage the project in full understanding of the objectives and challenges

  • Lead and coordinate project teams both internally and externally

  • Define priorities and monitor the progress of achievements

  • Ensure reporting and recommendations for possible adjustments

The benefits of a project management

  • Maintain consistency cross accomplishments with objectives

  • Coordinate the project team and synchronize all players

  • Streamline actions and evolve agile method

  • Having complete visibility of task progress

  • 1 Workshop half day with the project team
  • 1 Project Plan (phasing stages, distribution of tasks, definition of KPIs)
  • 1 meeting progress at each key stage (development, integration, recettage, on-line)
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