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You are in charge or involved in a community project, in terms of innovation, technology, marketing, communication or project management.

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What is important in the harmonization with the customer journey

  • Map the contact points of your brand with its customer

  • Understanding the needs and expectations in customer interaction modes

  • Facilitate interoperability of digital tools and in-store with the community

  • Study the transverse positioning of the community

The benefits of harmonization with the customer journey

  • Embed the community in a cross or omni ecosystem

  • Develop networking between the various points of contact with your customer

  • Facilitate the transition of the relationship to the customer experience

  • Accentuate the interactions and synergies between digital tools and in-store

  • 1 audit of the existing
  • 1 Workshop half day with 2 experts Crezeo Community Strategy
  • 1 summary report of exchanges and audit (5-8 pages)
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