Our history

We initially launched professional communities, including in 2011, SantéConnect was the first community of health professionals in France. The community enables healthcare professionals to access, share and exchange around the targeted news of their profession, ask questions to their peers and share professional announcements; Cabinet assignment, recruitment, etc.

In 2014, we sold SanteConnect the Group Occupation Health, The Daily Physician / Pharmacist The Daily, following a willingness to move towards the creation of consumer communities. Since we continue to host and maintain the platform.

Crezeo - Community Platform Creator

A professional social media exclusively B2B

In 2014, we accompanied the Tokster startup to launch the first dedicated B2B professional social media. Tokster is a unique concept allows professionals to get together and be the first to access the latest news from their sector. Real tool for professional monitoring and quality networking, the Tokster community is growing rapidly.

Crezeo - community platform Creator of clients and brands

Brands communities

Since 2015 we focus on developing brands for their consumer communities. The community allows brands to retain their customers, improve customer relationships and create brand ambassadors.

In February 2016, we launched the first consumer Auchan community.

We are preparing other communities you will discover very soon.

The team

We are designers, geeks, marketers and managers all committed to the success of our customers and their communities.

Antoine Leclercq Antoine Leclercq CEO, Founder
Thierry Hessel Thierry Hessel Product Manager
Maïlys Reslinger Maïlys Reslinger Marketing
Sylvain Roussel Sylvain Roussel Community Success Manager
Anthony Lesaffre Anthony Lesaffre Back-end Developer
Benjamin Grauwin Benjamin Grauwin Front-end Developer
Romain Delhoute Romain Delhoute Back-end Developer
Sébastien Beauchamp Sébastien Beauchamp Artistic director
Lylian Thothe Lylian Thothe Designer