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In brief

1 • Since 2010, Crezeo has specialized in the creation of community platforms. Today, Crezeo becomes Potion. We are focussing our resources on developing the best SaaS platform for customer community for retail, brands and startups: Potion!


2 • We stop our consulting offerings, community management and content creation offers to delegate them to a network of partner agencies trained in Potion. We deploy a partner program for agencies (marketing, consulting, CRM, social media).
Learn more about the Agency Partner Program.


3 • Finally, we accelerate the development of solutions integrations with local and global partners allowing our customers to interconnect Potion with their tools (community management, CRM, engagement, etc.)


The long version

Our dedicated article « "Why Crezeo becomes Potion Social ? » explains the issues and reasons for this change.


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Antoine, CEO at Potion Social